Team:TUDelft/Communication plan


Why a communication plan?

In our opinion it is very important for scientists to communicate their work. This is needed to inform the public about the scientific break-thoroughs in order to gain public perception. Communication is also relevant because scientific work needs funding. This work is funded by public money or by companies, therefore it is important to communicate about the work, the benefits etc.

During the iGEM competition communication plays an central role. We have to communicate with potential sponsors to gain their interests and to keep them satisfied to make sure they will continue sponsoring future iGEM teams. We have to communicate to the public in order to gain public interest in our project and also to inform the public that new scientific developments like Synthetic Biology could be very beneficial to society. We also want to promote our participation to the competition, our university, the iGEM competition, and Synthetic Biology in general.

We developed a communication plan which should be a systematic manual on how we should communicate with the outside world and inform to those who are not familiar with our project as well as the general public.