UQ-Australia IGEM Team 2009

Hello from UQ-Australia!

The UQ-Australia team consists of 9 undergraduate students, aided by 4 supervisors. 2009 is our first year of involvement in iGEM. UQ-Australia aims to tackle two important global environmental issues, which are of special interest to Australia.

Project 1: Bioprecipitation
This project aims to optimise the ice-nucleating ability of P. syringae at elevated temperatures with the goal to induce precipitation. So, can bacteria help drought, by bringing on rain? Well, we're trying to find out!

Project 2: Biofiltration
This project aims to modify the mercury uptake, reduction and efflux system in E. coli to reduce mercury contamination in water supplies. If this project is successful, it is likely that a similar approach would be effective in mitigating other types of heavy metal contamination.

Check out our Project Section and Lab Notebook for more details on both projects. Also check out our Lab Safety page.

The Our Lab section has some photos of our very own iGEM lab. This lab has been set up with the assistance of our generous sponsors.

Thank you!

UQ Team


2 October 2009 UQ-Australia is coming to iGEM

Flights have been booked and final preparations are being made for the conference!

22 September 2009 Mer T and P genes have arrived!!


14 August 2009 Welcome to the lab!


Starting to look like home... Our lab now has a thermocycler, BSC, fridges, pipettes, waterbath, stirrer, rocker and a heap of consumables! Photos under the OUR LAB link!!

31 July 2009 UQ Lab


Inauguration of the UQ-iGEM lab! Click on the OUR LAB link!!

30 July 2009 Sponsors

We welcome Invitrogen and Genesearch as the 2009 UQ-Australia Sponsors!

21 June 2009 Ag43


We have received E.coli from Mark Schembri

27 July 2009 Japan iGEM Workshop

Michael, Richard and Wally all travelled to Tokyo to learn all about iGEM! Photos here!


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