Our Sponsors

University of Queensland Alumni

UQ Alumni Friends Inc.
The Alumni Friends of the University of Queensland Inc. have generously donated the UQ-Australia IGEM team $10,000 for the establishment of a dedicated IGEM laboratory.

School of Biomedical Sciences

School of Biomedical Science
The School of Biomedical Science (SBMS) at UQ has provided invaluable financial support and guidance for the UQ-Australia IGEM team.


Invitrogen offers the broadest range of reagents for scientific research of any brand in the world. Its innovative reagents are used in all major areas of biological discovery including functional genomics, proteomics, stem cells, cell therapy and cell biology.


Genesearch is a privately held Australian biotechnology company. It was founded in 1980 by scientists with expertise in the areas of microbiology, biochemistry and genetics.

The Genesearch laboratory on the Gold Coast Technology Park includes facilities for research and product development as well as manufacturing and sales. Genesearch's research focus is on applied microbiology and contract research related to such products and our sales focus is on providing products from selected high quality suppliers to Australian researchers at good prices.

Professor Brian Key

Prof. Brian Key
Professor Brian Key has been very generous and supportive to the UQ-Australia IGEM team.

Dean of the Faculty of Science

Professor Stephen Walker
The Dean of the Faculty of Science (UQ), Prof. Stephen Walker,has been most generous in his support of the UQ-Australia IGEM team.

Phil Long

Professor Philip Long
Professor Phil Long has been a key supporter of the UQ-Australia IGEM team and an invaluable contact from MIT. Prof. Long is the director of the CEIT at the University of Queensland. His work in the CEIT involves research on environments that have the potential to innovate teaching, learning and creativity. This includes research, development, and dissemination of educational innovation through the strategic use of physical and virtual spaces and technology.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Prof Deborah Terry

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Prof Deborah Terry has assisted in providing valuable funding for the travel to Boston for all the students in the team.