√Āngeles with the PCR's...
Edu and Juny tinkering at the DryLab
Cristina explains the project to Markus
This hardware is to estimulate cells
Laura, Cristina, Angeles, Guillem and Sara
Carles working...
Cristina at the luminometer
Our limuniscent yeasts
PippeteEnlarger advertisement.
PippeteEnlarger... GREAT!!!
How we made measurements in the espectrofluorimeter... Sadly, no results were obtained...
We killed the espectrofluorimetre!!!
The Team!!
Juny, Miguel, Sara and Cristina
Markus al lab
Edu and Miguel working
Juny and Edu at DryLab
Who is he?
Continous luminometer
Scorched yeasts!
This is how we gas the methanol in order to avoid O2 of being present in the dissoltuion of coelenterazine