Project description

Engineered yeasts able to sense and respond to electrical signals are build (what we call LEC). Thanks to a homemade device These LECs work cooperatively in such a way that they are able to reproduce images in movement, building up a "bio-screen" for the first time in history.

  • LEC construction.
  • LEC characterization.
  • LEC Integration in the first iLCD.

Human Practices report

Sins, Ethics and Biology, a Comprehensive Approach is more than a review on Human Practices and Synthetic Biology: it emcompasses a classical review of scientific reports on Human Practices; the first comparative analysis of previous iGEM HP projects; interviews with well known experts; and the largest survey on ethics and synthetic biology ever made.

Our Team

Integrated by students from the two main Valencia Universities (UPV and UV). Emiment multidisciplinary group:

  • 4 Biologist
  • 3 Mechanical Engineers
  • 2 Biotech

With a great repercusion in the national media!

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