Team:Victoria Australia/Passport/MIT Jamboree


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iGEM and the Jamboree

While being a part of the iGEM competition this year we have learnt responsibility, time management and prioritisation as well as an endless list of laboratory techniques that we will expand on and use as our career progresses.

With the hype of the Jamboree just a few short weeks away, we are spending every spare moment trying to finish our research and presentation. We are nervous yet excited about presenting to the science world and representing RMIT, Victoria. We have been ecstatic as we have the opportunity to travel across the world to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the most prestige schools in science; and be apart of a world wide University competition. For some of us it is the first time flying and for all of us it a first time visiting the US. We are sure to gain a lot of great experiences from the jamboree and are looking forward to meet other teams and students from across the globe.