Welcome to the official iGEM 2009 Warsaw Team website. In this year iGEM our team is working on project which aim is to prepare a novel, bacteria-based vector for delivery of DNA and proteins to the cytoplasm of cancer cells. More details can be found in the Project part of this website.

Project progress:

66,6% (The force is with you, young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet). Unfortunately we didn't manage to finish all steps of our project, although we are really close. More details can be found in the results page.



Our parts was succesfully received by iGEM HQ. Now we are finalizing our wiki. During the next week we will be working hard to prepare our presentation and poster.


The package contatining 17 bricks, which we prepared during holidays were sent do Boston


New, Star Wars-inspired layout of our wiki has started. Hope you will enjoy it!


Today we've had a pleasure to listen to the lecture of prof. Wacław Szybalski, who coined of term: "synthetic biology". We've talked with professor for a while and we've taken a commemorative photo (available at our gallery).


Kuba has cloned cro. So we have another important brick :) Jarek also managed to clone internalin A, but unfortunately, we will have to perform 4 mutagenesis reactions to get rid of some restriction sites...


We've got another team meeting, unfortunately short due to abscence of some people. We've discussed mainly organizational matters concerning a trip to the Jamboree.


The team meeting took place, where we discussed important issues concerning what do we have to concentrate on in our project during the last month of work. We have also discussed some financial and organizational matters.


Tickets for flight to Boston booked! Now we're finalizing accommodation matters.


We have chosen who will represent our team during the Jamboree. 12 people are going to Boston and they are: prof. Jacek Bielecki, Michael Lower, Franek Fijałkowski, Kamil Koper, Justyna Lesiak, Monika Niepokojczycka, Ania Olchowik, Kamila Ornoch, Jarek Pankowski, Kuba Piątkowski, Ania Saffray, Marcin Ziemniak.


Today started a new version of our wiki. Hopefully it will work well


Most of people from our team are on holidays. This causes a little delay in our lab work.

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