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For cells:

  1. Set up overnights of parts 48-51. Let grow overnight.
  2. Dilute 1 ul overnight into 1ml
  3. Add 1 mm IPTG and let grow for four hours at 37 C.
  4. After cells have grown up, spin the cells down.
  5. Take cell pellet, and then dilute in 1ml molecular grade water.
  6. Add in flourophore (at a 1 uM concentration) and allow time to bind (1 hour).
  7. Look at cells under the microscope.

For beads:

  1. Place 1 ul beads in 1 ml along with 1 ul flourophore.
  2. Allow beads to bind to flourophore, then spin beads down, remove supernatent and replace with 1 ml water.
  3. Look at the beads under the microscope.