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Miniprep of pairs:

  • RBS + sam5 conc: 101,3 ng/ul
  • RBS + sam8 conc: 95.7 ng/ul
  • sam8 conc: 81,8 ng/ul
  • COMT , conc: 122,9 ng/ul

Restriction digestion
A1: sam8, EcoRI en SpeI
A2: sam5, EcoRI en XbaI

B1: RBS, EcoRI en SpeI
B2: COMT, EcoRI en XbaI

C1: fcs, EcoRI en SpeI
C2: ech, EcoRI en XbaI

The mixture was incubated in 37°C for 1h30...

...followed by gel electrophoresis of the digested parts