Minnesota/29 June 2009

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I switched over today to looking at making the "leakiness" equations for the TTN model. Initially I would represent the leakiness with two equations:

Rxn # Reaction Forward Kinetic Constant
46RNAp + lacP + tetO1:tetR2 + tetO2 -> RNAp:lacP1E+07
47RNAp + lacP + tetO1 + tetO2:tetR2 -> RNAp:lacP1E+07

The aTc complexes don't have to be represented since the leakiness is for aTc=0 in particular. Also a third leakiness equation could be made, one where both tetO1:tetR2 and tetO2:tetR2 exist, but I chose to add this later if necessary. I expect the results tomorrow.