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Overall project

Project 1 : The bacteria metal sensor to detect three major hamful metals such as arsenic, mercury, lead and cadmium utilizing the law of light mixing among three colors "green, red, blue".

Light mix.png

If we can, additional functioning key can be added. The better one has the holding key to hold the data. Holding key can be possible to save the data which contain the concentration of the metal ion in the water.

Project 2 : Which metal is the most abundant in the water? Using tri-stable toggle switch, you can determine which metal is the most abundant. Let's say a specific metal is present the most, then assigned light will come out among three colors.

Project 3: Bacterial navigator You are lost and don't have any compass. Bacterial navigator can show you which way is north or south.

Detector model.png

Project Details

Part 2

Mercury sensor - Mercury inducing promoter : Part:BBa_I728456 + amd gene

The Experiments

Part 3


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