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Special Thanks

The NTU-Singapore iGEM 2009 Team would also like to sincerely thank the following parties for their guidance and assistance during the course of the team's research.

Research (External)

Tsien Lab
  • Shu, Xiaokun
  • Kanter, Joan R.
  • Tsien Lab
iGEM Teams DIYbio Community
  • Cowell, Mackenzie (Founder)
  • Bobe, Jason (Founder)
  • Jankowski, Tito (DIYbiologist)

Administration & Logistics

School of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering (SCBE) General Office
  • Ms. Yang, Yueh-Tsen
  • Ms. Mohamed, Mariyam (bte)
  • Ms. Chin, Yong-Ling
School of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering (SCBE) Technical Staff
  • Ms. Yeo, Kah-Yan (Laboratory Executive)
NTU Development Office
  • Ms. Ooi, Kally (Development Manager)

Research (Internal)

  • Prof. Lee, Kijoon
  • Prof. Lee's Post-Grads
    • Ho Jun-Hui (Ph.D. candidate)
    • Dong, Jin (Ph.D. candidate)

  • Prof. Matthew's Post-Grads
    • Qi, Xiaobao (Research Fellow)
    • Hua, Ling (Research Fellow)
    • Saeidi, Nazanin (Ph.D. candidate)
    • Kang, A-ram (Ph.D. candidate)

  • Prof. Susanna's Post-Grads
    • AKR, Gobinath (Research Fellow)
    • Li, Xiang (Ph.D. candidate)
    • Cheng, Yu (Ph.D. candidate)

  • Prof. Sierin's Post-Grads
    • Peng, Tao (Ph.D. candidate)

  • Prof. Jiang's Post-Grads
    • Zhang, Hong-Fang (Ph.D. candidate)
    • Chong, Hui-Qing (Ph.D. candidate)
    • Basak, Souvik (Ph.D. candidate)

Thank you for your efforts in assisting our team! We really do appreciate it.

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