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Zhenglin Yang

  • Personal Information

Name Zhenglin Yang
Gender Male
Date of Birth 15 Jun 1988
06-07 College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering
07-Now College of Life Science (Junior now)
Email blueicywind AT
Interests photography delicacy

  • Self-Assessment

Adaptable, Innovative, Cooperative, Introversive, Easy-Going Temperament
Experiment is larger than standpoint, data is superior to hypothesis.

  • Capacity

The junction of Chemistry and Biology field
Developmental process search
Animal behavior and Molecular Skill

  • Related Working Experience

Animal Developmental Biology Knowledge
As the first group of students to touch Developmental Biology experiment, I took the class in September 2008 and receive systematically training in knowledge. I gain the skill to operate all kinds of experiment instrument in teaching and basic scientific research, what is more, the skill to deal with C.elegents, Drosophila, Zebrafish, Mouse, Chicken and Xenopus laevis,and can processing teaching experiment fluency and high-quality.

Male Behaviour Enhanced Mutation Research
Using EMS to mutagenesis the C. Elegent strain him-5, after 20 days searching of its following three generations, we got two strains have the phenomenon of male behaviour enhancing of 50% and 95%. Now we are doing further research on the 95% enhancing line, the project has been staked and put into record by the "National Natural Science and Technology Foundation".

Heart Developmental Process in Zebrafish
Using Tol2 Transposon to induse mutation in GFP marked Zebrafish and doing research through molecular biology and embryology way like Nesting PCR, Cryosections and RT PCR. It is associated with the project in "Molecular Medicine Research Institute".

Zhenglin Yang