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Metallization of a protein with silver

Unique peptides have been found capable of nucleating metal atoms, spurred by an interest in biomineralization by the prospect of nanoscale building [1]. We use a twelve amino-acid long silver binding peptide (AG4)that has been identified by phage display [2,3] to nucleate silver nanoparticle formation. We conducted experiments to assess the formation of silver nanoparticles due to AG4 nucleation. We further characterized the created silver nanoparticles by spectrophotometry and scanning electron microscopy. After confirming Ag-nanoparticle formation by AG4-nucleation we designed a DNA-constuct consisting of GFP tagged with AG4. Next we plan to express this fusion protein in-vitro perform the Ag-nanoparticle nucleation and do a colocalisation experiment for GFP and the nanoparticles. spectrophotometry.


Here an overview of the used protocols is given.


Electron Microscopy images and absorbance spectra of incubated silver binding peptide Ag4. The creation of silver nanoparticles is confirmed.

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