Team:Brown/Notebook Meetings/10-16-09


Brown iGEM 2009 Meeting

October 16, 2009

  • Tasks Before Wednesday:
    • Mailing Biobrick parts (Ahmad)
      • Deadline is Monday at 5PM
      • Ahmad can you send us the description of how exactly to prepare our samples
    • Submit the online description of our Biobricks (Eli)
    • Indicate our favorite parts – EV131, Will’s Histamine Receptor, perhaps Agr?
    • Each team must submit to Eli for the online submission and Indu for the wiki before 6AM SUNDAY a clear and detailed description of the parts they made!
    • Team 1: EV131 (Minoo)
    • Team 2: Agr, Signal Pep-GFP, Trg-EnvZ, Will’s Histamine Receptor (Eli, Flora)
    • Team 3: Tar-EnvZ, OmpC-RFP (Michael)
    • Wiki (Indu)
      • Each team submits:
        • Team 1 Project Overview (Minoo, Ahmad)
        • Team 1 Experimental Overview (Minoo, Ahmad)
        • Team 1 lab notebook (Minoo, Ahmad)
        • Team 2 Project Overview (Eli, Will, Flora)
          • Will, can you write up how you designed your histamine receptor?
        • Team 2 Experimental Overview (Eli, Will Flora)
        • Team 2 lab notebook (Flora)
        • Team 3 Project Overview (Michael)
        • Team 3 Experimental Overview (Ash)
        • Team 3 lab notebook (Steph)
        • Human practices blurb (Will)
        • Each also send their parts description to Indu
    • Presentation (Michael)
      • Organize practice presentations (Michael)
      • Poster