Team:Brown/Notebook Meetings/5-27-09


Brown iGEM 2009

Phone Conference


(Pacific Time)

  • 8:20PM: Meeting starts after a lot of technical difficulties
  • 8:22: Brad Lowell at Harvard does not have UCP2, Invitrogen may have it looked up UCPs on invitrogen
    • What expression vectors has the past iGEM teams used?
    • We need E. coli expression vectors
  • 8:32 Ahmad, ask them for the UCP
  • 8:29: Indu wrote a nicely worded email.
  • 8:31: Picking holins (there’s 3000!)
    • There are some in the registry
    • UC Berkeley from last year used Holin
    • Ahmad will ask them for a couple Holins
  • 8:49: CCDB – stops cell growth – can be another redundant mechanism
    • It is in the registry
  • 8:56: All of the parts so far are in the registry, we need a unique part to submit to the registry
  • 9:01: We need to schedule a meeting with the panel for when we get back!
    • June 17th
    • Email the professors
    • It would be nice to have Gary Wessel email them.
  • 9:08: Michael write an email out to the professors inviting them
    • Have the draft proofread by the group
    • Have Wessel forward it to everybody
  • 9:15: Somebody else – research a tight repressor!!
  • 9:17: Indu will follow up phone call the lab for the tick protein
    • Second idea to the histamine binding protein – have something that also binds IgE antibodies
    • This provides redundancy – both binding current histamine and stopping further secretion of histamine
    • Link them with glycine bridge
  • 9:26: Probiotic system: natural bacteria that secretes protein into bloodstream
    • We have getting it into the system from MIT yogurt
    • We have intestinal implantation BactoKidney
    • How do we get the bifunctional protein secreted?
  • 9:44: There is a lady named Edith that Will will email – she can help us on probiotic drug transport across organs
    • Ashley, Eli, Will, Minoo can research probiotic
  • 9:45: Indu found a paper on protein that binds IGE antibody – she will put it on the google group
    • Somebody needs to research IGE
    • Eli will put up a paper about packaging
    • Will is emailing about drug delivery systems
  • 9:46: Any paper that may be useful to either project will be put on the google groups
  • 9:56: Before 8pm PST – everyone go on the google group and build on the research that’s already been done.
  • 10:00: Secretion: Eli, Will, Ashley
    • OK everyone just decide what to research on the google group.
  • 10:01: We are meeting on SUNDAY MAY 31 SAME TIME (Monday for Minoo)
  • 10:02: Put up minutes.
  • 10:16: bye everybody