Team:Brown/Notebook Meetings/5-4-09


iGEM 2009 Meeting

May 4, 2009

  • 6:13PM: Meeting starts in SFH Auditorium. Discussed War War Ko’s name.
  • 6:14: Project ideas. Adding Minoo’s “Pro Bread” to the list
    • Yeast that makes amino acids (I, L, V) and packages
  • 6:25: Pulling out E. Colirs
  • 6:29: Stephanie suggests T shirts
  • 6:31:
    • This is the iGEM Team Wiki that we can customize
  • 6:37: Tick and Treat
    • Need to find out what histamine does after it binds to a histamine receptor
    • EV131 HBP is a potential part to submit
    • Addressed the liver targeting protein issue – need to control this to make sure it grabs a histamine before it is uptaked by liver
    • Delivery system
    • Timeline?
  • 7:01: Safe Cell
    • Will – “This is how we can prevent government regulation”
    • Implementation: RFC biobrick – as part of the standard for making a device, you would have to have these genes included.
    • Applicable to prokaryotes and eukayotes
    • Media vs gel – we can put the repressor in the gel
    • Refine holin slide
    • Transcriptional repressor implementation?
    • Indu will make it asthetically pleasing
  • 7:21: Pro Bread
    • Background is good but we should get to the point quicker
    • Issues: do yeast have all the enzymes to make the essential amino acids?
    • Yes. If so, then we can upregulate these enzymes
    • Can we produce gram quantities?
    • Will depleting pyruvate affect cells ability to make amino acids because we are depleting some of its ATP source
    • Can we FIND the rate limiting step of yeast ILV biosynthesis pathways? Upregulating this step will produce more amino acids
    • Negative feedback – can we prevent this? Packaging?
  • 7:54: Eli’s Cog Sci Project
  • 7:58: Histamine: Indu, Eli, Ashley
    • Safe Cell: Ahmad, Michael, Flora
    • Pro Bread: Minoo, Will, Steph
  • 7:59: NEXT MEETING: Thursday afternoon 3:00 PM
    • BRING YOUR FINAL POWERPOINTS!! And make the changes.