Team:Brown/Notebook Meetings/5-6-09


iGEM 2009 Meeting

May 6, 2009

  • 5:09: Meeting begins in SFH 218, with Adrian and Dana. Today we are presenting our powerpoints for Friday’s panel meeting
  • 5:09: Minoo: engineering yeast used to make breast to upregulate production 3 essential amino acid
    • A: LEU3 promotes transcription of genes that produces more amino acids
    • B: Increase production of pyruvate: amylase breaks down starch to produce more pyruvate; genes for this have already been made
    • C: packaging and secretion by ILVp gene – package into ILV rich proteins
    • Adrian: why don’t we find an endogenous protein in yeast that has high ILV content
    • Steal some pathways from Rice 2007
  • 5:29: Indu: solving allergies
    • Pro biotic – can we induce the protein secretion into the blood?
  • 5:59: CCDB – 3rd mechanism poisons DNA gyrase
    • It’s in the registry
    • Leaky promoters ? issue of cell dying when you want it to live
    • Find balance where expression of UCP is enough and where leakiness doesn’t affect cells
    • Selective pressure to keep the plasmid
    • If the UCP is not made then it will be mutated and not work