Team:Brown/Notebook Meetings/6-15-09


Brown iGEM Meeting

Monday June 15, 2009

Sidney Frank Hall Auditorium

  • 9:00 AM: The whole gang is back!
  • 9:23: Will proposes dropping the Safe Cell project, as we have not found a novel kill switch or repressor system
  • 9:24: Everyone agrees
  • 9:25: Onto Histamine Project
  • 9:26: We should work with S. aureus and gain brownie points for submitting protocols that work with this specimen. We can order this online or check if other labs on campus have some
  • 9:29: The bifunctional protein – we should test whether the binding of the bifunctional protein to the histamine will stop histamine bind to its receptor
  • 9:36: Indu found a paper on the structure of IGE Antibody binding protein (FCeRI)
  • 9:39: Response to the June 15 meeting: only Tripathi has responded, we need to address them individually. Michael emailed all of the professors individually.
  • 10:53: In our meeting with Wessel tomorrow, first we need to clear up finances. Second we need to discuss the project steps. Third, ask if we can work with S. aureus.
  • 3:10 Professor Wessel
    • Use Wessel’s account for primers – email him for this information.
    • Christie Brown 863-1218: ask her to order other things
    • Or ask the lady at EEB (Walter Hall)
    • Ask Wessel, Adrian, Symanski, Diana
    • They can help with transformations!
    • Ask Christie if you want to book the conference room.
  • To order:
    • S. aureus (ask Chris Harwood)
    • EV131 primers
    • Secretion Tags
    • Histamine binding (?)
  • People to know
    • Christie Brown
    • 863-1218
    • Linda Page – Thermal Fischer representative, supplier for Brown equipment, reagents, etc.
  • Go to Fischer catalog for good deals
    • Adella Francis (from EEB)
    • Runs iGEM account 863-9141
    • Fischer, Sigma
    • Send her an email: list item#, quantity, how quickly you need it, vendor (optional), 3:30 or 4:00 deadline for orders; if we want pick up or delivery
    • Biomed stock room on first floor
  • Good to make a list of stuff you normally use. Write down the product #.
    • On Google docs write down what you order to keep track of money
  • This is clever because in allergic rhinitis histamine is produced by cells in the nose, so a nearby S. aureus colony will alleviate the symptoms
  • Look into how much histamine can be secreted by S. aureus – make sure the levels are practical
  • Going to have to educate them on what Synthetic Biology and iGEM and proof of concept and Jamboree is about.
  • Plan B is always good to have.
  • Digitize notebooks for the wiki