Team:Brown/Notebook Meetings/6-19-09


BioSafety Meeting with Chris Harwood

June 19, 2009

  • Can we use a BSL2?
    • Need Institutional Biosafety Committee approval
    • Chris can get a provisional approval, doesn’t know how fast turnaround is
    • Might need biosafety cabinet
  • What does he need to see?
    • Needs MSDS from actual source for him to review
    • For the strain from Ireland, no MSDS available, might need as much information as possible
  • S. aureus and S. epi strain in Microbiology Course?
  • Need to use S. epidermidis
  • Give him a very detailed explanation of the both S. aureus and S. epidermidis strain BEFORE TUESDAY MORNING
  • Instead of MSDS
  • Site peer review journal about strain (Bungiro might help)
  • BMBL5 – questions about certain organisms
  • Health Canada (name has changed) – MSDS for infectious agents
  • Will tell you all information about dealing with it in lab
  • Talk to iGEM headquarters.