Team:Brown/Notebook Meetings/8-10-09


iGEM Meeting 8-10-09

SFH 218

Attendees: Diana, Adrian

  • Team 1 update
    • Got EV131 into pNoTat
    • Growing in competent BL21
    • IPTG induction
    • Last year Team Resistance did an IPTG induction
    • Will do Western blot (Diana has 6-His antibody)
  • Team 2 update
    • Successfully cloned Agr operon promoter, moved into pGEM
    • Digested and ligated into Biobrick vector
    • Agr promoter + RFP growing on plates, will test quorum sensor
    • Electroporation failed; might be due to Tet plates, or faulty electrocompetent cells
    • Made Trg-EnvZ. Doing blue-white test
    • However, maybe did not distribute X-gal and IPTG evenly
    • Looger said he will get back this week about receptor
    • Running out of S. epi expression vector
  • Team 3 update
    • Ran SDS PAGE on Taz1, too much noise on protein gel
    • Tested mutagenic primers
    • Will send off for sequencing
  • Administrative stuff
    • Booked hotels for the Jamboree
    • We have 2 time slots at the Jamboree, may split up??