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During our summer doing iGEM we had several workshops designed to hone our presentation skills, catch everyone up on the details of Synthetic biology, and encourage us to think outside the box to consider the far-reaching implications of project, especially for pigments.

Preparing the Presentation

October 2009: The team gathers at the house of Jim Haseloff to give a preliminary run of our presentation. We then have a brainstorming session with James King on artistic uses of our pigment producing bacteria.

Colour Futures Workshop

August 2009: In the Colours Future workshop (organised by Daisy Ginsburg and James King from the Royal College of Art) we concentrated on our various pigments, considering how the ability to exploit pigments from the natural world--not just from bacteria, but from plants and animals--might affect the world we live in. What if pigments are used as reporters for applications beyond bacterial biosensors? What if we harnessed natural pigments and used them to artificially colour the world, even ourselves? What ramifications might these leaps and bounds have?


Part of 2 week course - Dragon's Den Challenge

Mid-July 2009 - At the end of the 2 week intro course, particpants tried their hand at designing a real world application for a synthetic biology project, then tried to market it to a panel of judges reluctant to give out money. The idea is based on a TV show by the BBC if you are not familiar with it.

Our 2 week crash course in Synthetic Biology

Beginning of July 2009 - The 7 iGEM team members and other students from the Royal College of Art, London School of Economics, and Cambridge gather at the Haseloff Lab, Cambridge for a 2 week introduction to Synthetic Biology and iGEM.

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