Previous Research

A few iGEM teams of previous years (e.g. Edinburgh 07, Edinburgh 08, Guelph 08) conducted research in the carotenoid system. We are fortunate to have access to some of their Biobricks in the registry. Here is a summary of the Biobricks available:

Registry Code Team Sequence Description Size
K118014 Edinburgh 08 Icon translational unit.png (rbs + CrtE) insert: 922bp, backbone: 2079bp, total: 3001bp.
K118006 Edinburgh 08 Icon translational unit.png (rbs + CrtB) insert: 949bp, backbone: 2079bp, total: 3028bp.
K118005 Edinburgh 08 Icon translational unit.png (rbs + CrtI) insert: 1498bp, backbone: 2079bp, total: 3577bp.

2 PstI sites removed.

K118013 Edinburgh 08 Icon translational unit.png (rbs + CrtY) insert: 1162bp, backbone: 2079bp, total: 3241bp.
K152005 Guelph 08 Icon translational unit.pngIcon translational unit.pngIcon translational unit.pngIcon translational unit.pngIcon reporter.png

(rbs+CrtE) + (rbs+CrtB) + (rbs+CrtI) + (rbs+CrtY) + (rbs+GFP)

insert: 5412bp, backbone: 2079bp, total: 7491bp.

2 PstI sites in CrtI removed.

The above enzymes all come from a type of Enterobacteriaceae bacteria, Pantoea ananatis (GenBank: D90087.2).

During our preliminary research, we have encountered a few issues:

  • In part K152005, the “CrtE” sequence (which originated from part K152001) contains 3 nucleotides different from the NCBI data base.
  • Originally, the registry annotation for K152005 indicated that there was no ribosome binding site before gene CrtI (i.e. “…rbs+CrtB+CrtI+rbs+CrtY…”). After clarification with Team Guelph 08, we were told that it was an error in annotation. The registry entry for K152005 has since been updated to include the ribosome binding site.
  • Teams of previous years constructed various composite parts containing two or more enzymes of the synthetic pathways (e.g. CrtEBI, CrtEBIY), but they are not available on the 2009 Distribution Plates.

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