Melanin Pigment


Constructing the BioBrick


Our aim is to make the MelA gene into a biobrick as follows:


Registry Code Type Sequence Description / Notes Length
Reporter 'MelA. The gene (melA) codes for a tyrosinase which produces a dark brown pigment from L-tyrosine. Production of the pigment requires the addition of copper and L-tyrosine supplements (the copper acts as a cofactor for the gene product) but no other precursors. The BioBrick sequence includes the native ribosome binding site. 1844bp

In order to do so, we had to remove forbidden restriction sites within the gene using primers and the in-fusion PCR technique. Primers were ordered as shown by the image below, to add the prefix and suffix and change the PstI restriction site from CTGCAG to CTGCAA:

MelA primer map.JPG

The PCR's will be done in the following steps, in order to remove both sites and prepare the gene as a biobrick:


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