Team:IBB Pune/Applications


Export of recombinant proteins:

One of the major concerns to companies producing recombinant proteins is the cost-intensive downstream processes involved in protein extraction and purification. It is estimated that nearly 80% of the costs involved in production of recombinant proteins is due to downstream processes alone. Thus advances in recombinant protein export may provide a cost effective solution to the problem of downstream processing. We designed two bio bricks based on the concept of protein export. Parts (Ycdb) and (TorA) are N-terminal sequences found in proteins which are exported by the TAT Pathway in E. coli. Using standard assembly methods, these parts can be fused to a protein of interest which could enable these proteins to be secreted out of the cell using the same TAT dependent pathway. This advance in protein export to drastically reduce protein purification costs, increase yields and provide an impetus to the biotech industry.

Natural Competance:

Allowing cells to take up DNA on their own saves many steps involved in research and development. Once cells are allowed to take up nucleic acids under a specified, structured control, many of the processes involved in inducing transformation can be safely saved. Spontaneous mutagens can be obtained much faster and on demand!

Cell to Cell Signalling:

Cell to cell signaling processes further allow for strengthening the probability of cell survival in conditions of stress such a those which are provided during resistance development processes. These include resistance against antibiotics, harsh temperatures, pH and other environmental conditions like humidity and light availability. Rather than merely adapting to the conditions at hand, the cells become more susceptible to DNA uptake and undergo mutations. Hence the proportion of cells which have undergone permanent changes as opposed to adaptations, greatly increases. This results in lesser wastage of biomass, resources and materials required for product development. These mutants can be screened for desired changes allowing for faster development desired strains.

Turing Machine:

The turing machine project displays how cells can be programmed to sense entirely different kind of stimuli to produce pre-programmed outputs. The cell essentially behaves like a machine with a chemical input and a dynamic output. Custom made cells are dream of industrialists constantly trying to achieve the most energy convenient procedures.

Introducing mathematical operations into biological cells merely dispays how the roles of nature and technology have reversed.It has always been such that man has observed nature to create the simplest yet most efficient machines to make life easier. Now man changing nature to incarnate his ideas gives a creative high to every kind of scientist.