Team:IBB Pune/whyarewedifferent



Student Initiative

  • The one thing that separates us from other teams in iGEM'09 is that we are a completely student initiated team. From looking for ideas, getting advisors, getting the requisite permissions from the university, getting funding etc was done by students.

Intellectual Resources

  • One of our initial problems we faced was that not only did we lack a course in Synthetic Biology available to us, but also that there is no researcher working in Synthetic Biology from amongst the many biology institutes in our city. We overcame this problem by figuring out many things on our own (making lots of mistakes along the way :P) helped in no small amount by our advisor Praveen Sahu, an expert in things MolBio.

Academic Background

  • Unlike most other teams, all the 6 student members of our team have the same academic background. We are all undergraduates studying Biotechnology.