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Hi everyone!!!

We are team iBB from the University of Pune. Our institute is a center for excellence in research in biotechnology.

Our iGEM Team consists of 7 undergrads and 2 advisors.

IBB_Pune Team

From left to right: Amrita Oak, Rahul Bhosale, Samit Watve, Swetha Srinivasan, Professor Chopade, Praveen K Sahu, Chinar Patil, Mandar Phatak, Sharvari Sathe

The IBB iGEM story

It all began in July 2008 when Samit read about iGEM and the whole idea fascinated remained a topic of hot discussions and really intense brainstorming in IBB for months together until it slowly waned away due to the exams and normal curriculum.....people forgot what iGEM was until the day a mail was received by Mandar about the registration, and as always the IBB trio; Mandar, Swetha and Samit started the registration process at the eleventh hour....The task was tedious and tiring and there was a lot of red tapism they had to go through... finally the hard work paid off... And IBB got into iGEM.....

Wish us luck!



Mandar Phatak

Mandar..the team leader. Besides being a biologist,he is an indian classical vocalist and a creative artist. He also likes to argue with people about everything (he may want to argue that he does not!). He is currently at his final year M.Sc Biotechnology at IBB.

Swetha Srinivasan

Swetha is a 5th year integrated M.Sc biotech student in IBB and is interested in cell biology...Has excellent lab skills, dedication to work and meticulous approach. Certainly an upcoming biologist!!

Samit Watve year student in M.Sc.Biotech at IBB.

Interests : Game theory, Evolutionary Biology, Synthetic Biology Likes: Problem solving, iGEM Life's Philosophy: Work is worship, Thank GOD I'm an atheist. Modal State: zzzzzz Wants to make a mark in iGEM this year. Beware iGEM...he is coming!!


Chinar Patil

Chinar...a final year M.Sc. Biotechnology excellent communicator and a motivator, with tremendous enthusiasm. Looks forward to celebrate his birthday (3rd NOV) at the MIT Jamboree, this year.

Sharvari Sathe

Sharvari..a 4th year student in M.Sc.Biotech course at IBB. Experienced in cancer and tissue culture studies, good communicator and excellent team worker,looks forward to iGEM this year!!

Amrita Oak

Amrita...a 4th year undergrad in M.Sc.Biotechnology..already a national level young scientist (KVPY) fellowship under her belt.. she's crazy about mountain trekking and river-rafting..wants to make a career in vesicle genetics...

Rahul Bhosale

Rahul doing M.Tech after his M.Sc.Biotechnology. Already the author of two international publications in Phycology & one more in the pipeline... aspires to do a doctorate in Plant Molecular & Functional Genomics.


BA Chopade.jpg Professor B.A. Chopade Professor Balu Ananda Chopade...the Director of IBB, University of Pune is the Faculty cum Advisor for the IBB_Pune iGEM 2009 Team. An eminent and renowned Professor in Microbial Molecular Genetics in INDIA; having a doctoral degree from Nottingham, has more than 60 international & national research publications and two highly cited US patents. A strong motivator and with a 'NEVER-SAY-DIE' attitude...has tremendous willpower to see and make IBB happening in iGEM as well as in an international arena.
Praveen.jpg Praveen Kishore Sahu Praveen...currently working as a Senior Research Fellow in IBB. Basically a Biotechnology post-graduate, with 4 international & national research publications in malariology and parasitology and more in the pipeline. He is also doing Ph.D. Biotechnology in 'Genomics of Pathogenic Biofilms ' at IBB, University of Pune.

Instructor for the team IBB_Pune; loves music and correlative science, looks forward to take on the giants in synthetic biology this year at MIT !!

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