In addition to our Instructors, Professor Anil Wipat and Dr Jennifer Hallinan, and our advisors, Dr Daniel Swan, Morgan Taschuk, Dr Matthew Pocock and Dr Mike Cooling, we would also like to thank the following people.

Chris Birchall, one of the people outside of the iGEM team who made our project possible

Thanks to...

  • Craig Turner
  • Dr Phillip Aldridge
    • A lecturer at Newcastle.
    • For the use of his lab.
  • Chris Birchall
    • A post graduate student at Newcastle.
    • For helping us all in the lab.
  • Dr Noel Carter
    • From Sunderland University.
    • For Microscopy.
  • Keith Flanagan
    • A Research Assistant.
    • For Amazon EC2 and Microbase assistance.
  • Dr. Jan-Willem Veening



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