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Project introduction. Inspired by the natural regulator of circadian bioclock exhibited in most eukaryotic organisms, our team has designed an E.coli-based genetic network with the toxin-antitoxin system so that the bacterium oscillates between two states of dormancy and activity (more...)

Team collaboration

Friendship with PKU_Beijing Team & Tsinghua Team

PKU_Beijing Team visited us on July 25th, just 3 days after the solar eclipse. It was a pity that they didn't enjoy the very rare chance together with us, but we had a nice time discussing iGEM affairs, hunging out to NanJing west Road and ChengHuang temple. PKU team has really helped us a lot sparing nothing to share their winning experience and failure lessons as well as project design and experimental techniques. We have benefited a great deal from their thought exchange. We also shared our inspirations knowledge and exploration with them, including the experience learnt from the 2009 iGEM Workshop in London. We also showed them our lovely and robust lab, Bio-X Center, presented them the research projects in detail, and let them try our advanced technologies.

Team collaboration with PKU_Beijing Team

We have fun together with them and built up pretty fine and wonderful friendship. There is need, there is a help. There is no tense sense of competition, but the warm friendship with each other.

Presenting our project to PKU_Beijing Team
PKU_Beijing Team's visit to our lab

Later on, around mid-August, our team member ZHAO Shikun returned a visit to PKU, they made the agreeable to him which left us a pleasant impression. After visiting PKU, he also visited Tsinghua Team, which located not far from Peking University, and also had a great time there meeting the members and discussing project ideas. We must reciprocate their warm reception and sincere friendship. We are looking forward eagerly to see them again and compete for championship on the final competition day. Good luck and thanks!

Help Valencia Team with their survey

Collaboration Silver Medal

Since iGEM competition began in 2004, the number of teams that include Human Practices in their projects has increased exponentially. Valencia Team had a survey about all topics discussed in all Human Practices from all iGEM teams. 15 out of our 16 registered members helped them to fill their survey and finally we got a Collaboration Silver Medal from them. (So what about the left one? We still wonder...)