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Project introduction. Inspired by the natural regulator of circadian bioclock exhibited in most eukaryotic organisms, our team has designed an E.coli-based genetic network with the toxin-antitoxin system so that the bacterium oscillates between two states of dormancy and activity (more...)


Our team is young and passionate. So happy to stay together. :)

We have 5 instructors and about 30 undergraduates in our team. 12 of them are core experimental members and 4 are involved in mathematical modeling.


Members appearing in this picture (21 undergraduates, list by row correspondingly):
(With their names formated in Surname+First name(Chinese words))

  1. Xing Ruoyu(邢若愚), Zhou Nengyi(周能轶), Wang Shuai(王帅), Wu Chu(吴楚), Huang Junhao(黄俊浩), Tang Yun(唐韵), Li Songting(李松挺)
  2. Yan Chenxing(严辰星), Jiang Lei(蒋磊), Sun Jiong(孙炯)
  3. Wu Qian(吴谦), Chen Yan(陈彦), Luo Heng(罗衡), Jiang Shixiao(蒋诗晓)
  4. Zhao Shikun(赵世坤), Wang Shu(王舒), Tao Yixin(陶一昕), Shen Zhe(沈哲), Huang Chen(黄琛), Xu Liang(徐亮), Wang Ruming(汪茹明)

Our instructors:

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