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Our project

The linguistic cell: Sentence parsing yeast
Our goal is to create an finite state automaton in the cell which parses sentences according to their parts-of-speech.

Team: Sweden

  • Sven Nelander –Supervisor
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dept of Molecular and Clinical Medicine
  • Anna Hallerbach
Student: Bioinformatics, Chalmers
  • Fahim Mahmudur Rahman
Student: Bioinformatics , Chalmers
  • Guo Jing
Student: Bioinformatics , Chalmers
  • Laleh Kazemzadeh
Student: Bioinformatics, Chalmers
  • Mohammad Tanvir Ahamad
Student: Bioinformatics, Chalmers
  • Mohammad Intakhar Ahmad
Student: System Biology, Goteborg
  • Naser Monsefi
Student: System Biology, Goteborg
  • Tabassum Farzana Jahan
Student: Bioinformatics, Chalmers
  • Mao Tiezheng
Student: Bioinformatics, Chalmers

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