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The linguistic cell: Sentence parsing Escherichia Coli

Language is an essential part of our civilization. But making sense out of a series of words can only be achieved by certain rules that underlie the language. This set of rules is called a grammar. A grammar tells us how to order words in a meaningful way. These rules can be implemented as a Finite State Automaton (FSA), which for every new word input moves from the current state to the next until it reaches the end of input. We propose in our project a biological model which is based on this concept of language parsing from computational linguistics.

Our goal is to create an finite state automaton in the cell which parses sentences according to their parts-of-speech. We are currently working on the mathematical modeling of the parsing automation.

Our Journey

We are a group of student from varied backgrounds, who joined togather in a team to pursue the iGEM competetion. We thought a lot(a looooot) about our team name..Actually we had a big meeting on deciding on the team name. Even though none of us are Swedish, we felt, as we all are studying in Sweden and we love the place so much, our common ground is "Sweden". Thus here we are the team "SWEDEN"!!!


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