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The start

Team Sweden.

Our team inaugurates Sweden into IGEM for the first time. We are a bunch of students from Chalmers University of technology and Gothenburg University. |}


Anna Hallerbach


Hej, I am Anna from Germany. Before coming to Göteborg and studying Bioinformatics I have studied Cognitive Science in Osnabrück... After the election this year I decided not to go back to Germany to live... In my spare time I enjoy listening to music and running for clearing my head...

Naser Monsefi


My name is Naser Monsefi and I am from Iran. I got my BS in Cellular Molecular Biology from Shiraz University in year 2003.I joined the master program in systems biology at Götebörg University year 2008; which is still ongoing. I am already working on model-driven discovery of anticancer drug combinations beside iGEM competition.

Tabassum Farzana Jahan


Hi I am Tabassum. I am from Bangladesh and I have studied Computer Science in Bachelors. Currently I am in Chalmers University of Technology pursuing Bioinformatics degree. I love finding about new things, and doing something different, otherwise life would be boring. About IGEM, I felt it is something really different from my field, so why not explore it too.

Laleh Kazemzadeh


Hi.I'm Laleh from Iran.I got my bachelor in software engineering but I was more curious about application of engineering in medicine so I joined Bioinformatics program at Chalmers University in 2008.Historical places,nature and music are my top 3 interests... There was no idea better than joining iGem if I wanted to have fun while I felt being effective specially during long days summer and I m soooo happy that I did it.

M.Intakhar Ahmad


I am Intakhar Ahmad.I have previously studied Microbiology .Now, I am doing my MS degree in Systems Biology .I love to imagine new biological parts, devices, and systems.Actually ,it was my boyhood dream which developed watching lots of science fiction movies.Couple of months back,an editorial in Nature (June,2007) boosted my fascination to Synthetic Biology.But...I always consider the ethical obligations in the realm of Synthetic Biology.

Mohammad Tanvir Ahamed


Me Tanvir , completed my bachelor in Applied Statistics and doing MS in Bioinformatics at Chalmers. My study interest is focused mainly on two areas of statistics. Survival Analysis is one of them. Recently, statistics is being used extensively in areas of genetics and there are ample scope of contribution only to enrich the study of human genetics. This has been my motivation to study in Bioinformatics.

Fahim Mahmudur Rahman


Hey, This is Fahim from Bangladesh.My background is in computer science but currently i am exploring the world of bioinformatics. I love animes, songs, movies and sometimes books. Biology is something that fascinates and confuses me. I love both the feeling and thats why i joined IGEM.

Mao Tiezheng


Tiezheng Mao or Mao in short. I am from China major in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, second year. I choose this master program because it makes me exciting. That is also why I join the iGEM Team Sweden. I am interested in drug design and looking for the master thesis.


Sven Nelander


Sven Nelander is current Assistant Professor of Sahlgrenska-CMR and Gothenburg Center of Systems Biology . His research group investigates how different combinations of drugs and mutations act on cancer cells. A long-term aim is to develop new computational models that will be useful in cancer therapy.We are honored to have him as a mentor.

Per Sunnerhagen


Per Sunnergagen is a professor at Molecular Biology department of Gothenburg University. Research in his group focuses on two main areas: stress signaling by MAP kinases, and checkpoint signaling and its effects on DNA repair and cell cycle. As experimental organisms, the group uses the baker's yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Saccharomyces pombe(fission yeast). Working with him was a great opportunity.