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Unicamp – State University of Campinas – was officially founded in October, 1966. The university is located in Campinas, one of the biggest cities of the São Paulo state, whose capital is the most important economic center of Brazil. It was created in response to the state demand of qualified personnel. In spite of being a young institution compared to other foreign universities, Unicamp is already recognized for its tradition in education, research and services to society. Nowadays the university has 21 centers of teaching and research, in addition to hospital complexes, technical high schools and interdisciplinary centers. There are approximately 17 thousand students enrolled in the undergraduate courses and 16 thousand in the graduate programs. Education and research are closely associated, which contributes to the quality of the university, as well as the fact that almost the whole board of teachers works full time and has at least doctoral degree. The researches developed by Unicamp represent about 15% of the total in Brazilian universities. Unicamp also maintain extension activities besides health centers for the society. (See for more details)