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Hello there,

A picture of me challenging the hard Dutch wind

My name is Klaas Bernd Over and I am a modeler for the Groningen iGEM team. At this moment I am studying applied physics. Within a few months I will finish my Bachelor degree and I will continue my master at the RUG.

For my Bachelor degree I studied the capabilities of a carbon-nanotube transistor in combination with PFO. If everything goes as planned I will deliver my report in 2 weeks.

Hopefully I will finish my study in 2 years and for the industrial stage of the study I hope that I will be able to go to Japan.

For iGEM I hope to use our model to create a interactive website that not only allows the user to interact with our model in on any browser, but also gives an understanding what our project is about. The eventual goal is that anyone with even the slightest knowledge of biology can understand our project and use the model.

Apart from my study I am a boy scout leader, I practice a martial art called Pencak Silat (our site is under construction so here is a movie of the Indonesian demo team), I am active in both my study association Professor Francken and my student association Dionysos and I have a hobby called Dungeons and Dragons, where I play the part of the Dungeon Master.