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How to Order Stuff

only order one thing at a time!

1. Go to biopath stores website to find part information

2. Go to

  • Click “UFS live”
  • Ask Viv or Alan how to log in.
  • Open “CAPSA PD”
  • Click “requisitions”
  • Click “item”
  • Type should read “goods”
  • In “categories,” type “LK”
  • Copy and paste description from biopath stoers website
  • In unit of measurement, click, click on “…” and put in what’s in biopath stores description
  • Select quantity
  • Select price
  • Click “source details” tab
  • In “supplier item” put catalogue number from biopath stores
  • In “source” write “BIOCHEMISTRY”
  • Ask James if Biopath stores is not the supplier
  • If you’re ordering primers, you need to do a purchase order online, so ask James about that.
  • Click “Distributions”
  • Click in “charge account,” something ending in HCCC should pop up
  • Click save (a floppy disc icon)
  • Note the item number
  • Close distributions, double check the price
  • Click “approve”
  • In “note” write “iGEM team,” and press OK

How to Edit the Wiki



When editing a wiki, you can make different ranks of titles. Header 1 is the biggest, mostly for pages titles. Other headers are of decreasing size up to Header 4.

To make text you are writing a header, simply surround it by equals signs.

E.g. For a Header 1 title:

= Project =

E.g. Header 2 titles:

== Introduction ==

E.g. Header 3:

=== Monday ===


Press Enter TWICE to do a new paragraph. Leave a whole line between paragraphs.

Bullet Points

To do a list of bullet points, just start each point with a * on a new line.

To indent bullet points (useful for sub-bullet points) do a :*

Uploading Images:

  • Upload pictures and files with this link:

  • Once uploaded copy the name of the image title. e.g.: Image:cambridgepic.jpg
  • Then put this in your document with square brackets on each side. e.g. [[Image:cambridgepif.jpg]]
  • You can do some stuff to the picture too. e.g. for it to be 200pixels wide and on the right of the page:

[[Image:cambridgepif.jpg | 200px | right]]

  • For further commands and help with inserting images:


Plasmid drawing software

Synthetic Biology Comic

Modelling - from Engineering Department, Module 4G1

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