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The function of modeling is to learn how the biological system works before the wet lab starts. This process can also help the wetlab team to assemble and test the circuit. This year, our modeling team successfully constructed ODE model and stochastic model to describe our design. Besides that, we also improved our ODE model to fit the actual process in cells better.

ODE Model, Related Parameters and Result

T3 nomemory both.PNG
PKU T3 withmemory both.PNG

In ODE page, we'll demonstrate the equations of our ODE model. After using parameters from the Parameters page, our ODE model is complete. The result for that is shown in Result page.

Stochastic Model and Improvement

PKU Sto frac.png

To simulate the system as accurate as possible, we also construct a stochastic model, which is described on Stochastic page. We also improve our ODE model, which you can find more information about on the Improvement page. If you have any questions or want to acquire a copy of our modeling source files, feel free to contact us by email: c.z.tian AT