Team:Brown/Notebook Meetings/8-17-09


iGEM Meeting


SFH 218

9 AM

  • Team 1 update:
    • Today they are making the Blotto solution with 6-His
    • Purchased Qiagen nickel column purification kit
    • After protein comes down in a nickel column
    • Tests for histamine binding; selective binding?
  • Possible ideas for after binding test; Will suggests Barnea lab competitive binding assay involving GPCR => fluorescence
  • Adrian suggestion: Look at crystal structure, and binding pocket; see if you can cut the rest of the protein off and make minimized histamine binding domain
  • Degradation mechanism?
  • Team 2 update:
    • “Chugging right along” all this before Thursday
    • Signal peptide construct finished in expression vector for S. epi
    • Agr promoter construct in S. epi
    • Checking Trg-EnvZ ligations tonight
    • S. epi is resistance to Tet
    • Looger sent us designs to modify Taz to a histidine receptor; then will move to histamine receptor
  • Team 3 update:
    • Mutagenic PCR….
    • Administrative
    • Bio 1950 - Fill out proposal form on bio website
    • Planning in advance
    • Practice presentation in front of people.
    • Google calendar? Weekly lab meetings
    • Wiki has to be done a week before the week its due
    • Cleaner lab book
    • Clean wiki
    • Mutagenic PCR