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Team - Acknowledgements
We would also like to thank a lot of people, without their contribution we would not have been able to proceed as much as we have done:

Dr Homme W. Hellinga from Duke University for providing us with tnt.r1 and tnt.r3 in their original plasmids.

Dr Gerald Hazelbauer from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and his assistant Lilly Angela for providing us with the construct of the fusion protein TrZ.

Dr H.J.E Beaumont from the Institute of Biology, Leiden for providing us with nir promoter and nsrR construct from N. europea

Dr Donald Bruce from Edinethics for introducing us to the Demos card game, and allowing us to adapt his basic prototypes for our wiki.

Ms Elaine Murphy from the Centre for Intelligent Systems and their Applications for giving us a tutorial on how to use Cellucidate.

Dr Ty Thomson for attending to numerous questions considering the Cellucidate platform.

Ms Sahreena Lakhudi and Mr Chao-Kuo Liu for putting up with our questions (intelligent/ stupid) in the lab all summer.

And of course all the ladies working in the media prep room on the 8th floor of Darwin Building.

Special thanks to Dr. Robert Burlage at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, to the Canadian Landmine Foundation ( and to the WorldMapper team at the University of Sheffield for permissions to use their maps and images.

We would also like to thank Alex Lyginos for designing and drawing the MineBusters Logo!

Huge !THANK YOU! goes to Alexander Uusmees from University for the Creative Arts for his inspirational pencil sketches concerning synthetic biology theme.

Thank you goes to oz_sprog for the map in motivation section of our wiki.

Thank you goes to Tidamz for his amazing gallery we used in our gallery section and his help and idea in solving lots of problems with Flash objects.

Thank you goes to MB for Big Journey Video.

Thank you to the SPOT and KB House which provided us with amazing food during the whole summer.

Edinburgh University iGEM Team 2009

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