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Team - Supervisors
   Name: Chris French
   Department: Biology
   Contact email:

   My first degree is in Bioprocess Engineering, and my Ph.D. is in Microbial Biotechnology (specifically,    biotransformations of natural products for the chemical industry). I now lecture in general and applied    microbiology    and biotechnology in the School of Biological Sciences, University of Edinburgh. My research is    mainly concerned with the development of microbial systems for industrial and environmental applications. I    have been supervising Edinburgh's IGEM entries since 2006. I think BioBricks are a great tool for the    development of new biological systems; my Ph.D. students are applying them to the development of biosensors    and systems for conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to useful products.

   Name: Alistair Elfick
   Department: Engineering
   Contact email:

   Name: Vincent Danos
   Department: Informatics
   Contact email:

   Vincent is a prof of computational systems biology with special interests in the architecture of natural/synthetic    protein networks.

Edinburgh University iGEM Team 2009