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Team - Team Members
Here we are! The Edinburgh University 2009 iGEM Team. This our our introduction video to the team. Firstly, we wanted this to open our wiki, but we decided that, after you have read our wiki, this video will give you better understanding of what our team wanted to achieve. Don't forget to switch your sound on. Enjoy!

   Name: Vasilis Andreou

   Hey guys my name is Vasilis Andreou. Something you don't know about me is that my house in Nicosia, Cyprus    is about 2 minutes from the borders dividing the town, and in the opposite direction is about 2 minutes from the    country's prison. See you in MIT!!

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   Name: Evangeline JiaLing Oh

   I was born and bred in Singapore. Apart from ice-cream, I love gene regulatory networks. Sometime in the near    future, I hope to be BioBricking in eukaryotic cells. Have fun and break a leg in MIT.

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   Name: Dasha Ausiannikava

   Hi I am Dasha and I love biology. iGEM has been the most exhilarating and challenging project I have ever done,    and it made me realize how many possibilities are presented to me by what I study!

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   Name: Julia Skripka-Serry

   My name is Julia and I was born in Kiev, Ukraine. I moved to Belgium at a young age and since then I have had    the pleasure of being a citizen of the world, having lived in Ireland, UK and the Middle East—and the list keeps    growing! I have degrees in Biotechnology and Drug Discovery, and particularly love everything gene-related.

   To me, IGEM conveys an emotion. A mixture of excitement, uncertainty and, most intriguingly, empowerment. If    you, as a biologist, ever doubt the practical potential of your knowledge, I challenge you to take part in this    competition—you will instantly understand what kind of powerful sci-fi stuff lurks within your brain!

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   Name: Winston Ho

   Hello there! Names Winston, born in the 'deen, which is up in the North-East of Scotland. I'm studying chemical    engineering, having just started my 4th year at Edinburgh. Can't wait to join the oil industry ;) I also have a soft    spot for biology =) CU at MIT!

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   Name: Rachel "Lady GaGa" Morrison

   Hello, my name is Rachel though over the course of the summer my lovely team mates have called me a variety    of things including Lady Gaga. I am currently in my final year of a master’s of Chemical Engineering though I have    spent most of the summer learning how to model gene expression networks, program in JAVA and MATLAB and    have also picked up some biology along the way!

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   Name: JD

   Good day! My name is Jan, but I always sign as JD. I am guy doing my Artificial Intelligence degree which gives    me access and time to think about philosophical aspects of life. Is the progress movement from Chaos to    Harmony or other way around? How infinite is relativity of definitions? What is the difference between dictatorship    of Absolute Good and Absolute Evil? I am made out of those questions.

   Those are the very last words added to our WIKI. WIKI marathon comes to an end for me, for the whole team, for    the whole iGEM community. Those are the most sweet moments in every project when your job is done and you    can spend one day enjoying yourself because after tomorrow will be another day and another competition and a    new fight. Good luck!

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   Name: Rohin

   Hello 'n Namaste! My name's Rohin and I hail from the city of Jaipur in the 'Land-of-kings' Rajasthan in India. I    used to be a biologist, before I became a bioinformatician, and then changed into an Informatician, finally turning    into an angry mutant with adamantium claws. If I weren't me, I would have an Identity crisis. Even though I'm glad I    am doing what I'm doing, I would like to be an RJ, a Scuba diver, a Roadside guitar player, an Investment banker,    and the president of the UN general assembly at least once in my life. For now, I'll check out MIT and see how    that goes ;-) All the best for iGEM !


   Name: Sam Kammerling

   I'm Sam, and I have been singing theme tunes for scientists for as long as I can remember. Growing up in the    English countryside it was every child's dream to have your voice heard on the international scientific stage, and    now this dream has    come true thanks to the Edinburgh iGem team. Singing about bacteria is my passion, and I    hope I inspire others to be as passionate about bacteria as me. Big love peeps x

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   Name: Kacper Rogala

   I study Biochemistry, love film and good food! I was engaged to film, act in and produce the team's awesome    promotional video. This picture of me was taken during the "explosion scene". I am also a hairy chewbacca.

   Contact email:

We are a relatively international team, so we thought it would be interesting for you to know bit more about the places we came from. Our team consists of 8 undergraduates from 7 different countries.
Edinburgh University iGEM Team 2009