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Team - Advisors
   Name: Kim de Mora

   Hi! I'm currently a PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh. My research interests include engineering    peroxisomes in S. cerevisiae and investigating standardization questions in synthetic biology. I was a member of    the 2006 Edinburgh iGEM team when we designed and built the arsenic biosensor. I've since been an advisor for    the 2007, 2008 and 2009 teams.

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   Name: Lucas Black

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   Name: DK Barnard

   Hi,I'm Damian. I am a PhD student working on a synthetic biology approach to cellulose degradation. Being    involved with iGEM for the first time as an advisor was great fun. Over the past few weeks I've been helping out the    team around the lab and offering what good (or bad) advice I could. The team worked extremely well in the lab    and very quickly got the hang of BioBricking. Best of luck at the prize giving guys. Enjoy the rest of the tour around    the wiki!!

   Name: Jane Calvert

   Jane is a sociologist of science, interested in all things to do with synthetic biology

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   Name: Emma Frow

   Emma is Jane's sidekick.

   After years at the lab bench, Emma has recently ventured into the sociology of science. Her research interests are    in synthetic biology and plant biotechnology.

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Edinburgh University iGEM Team 2009