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Point Mutation of PhiR73 and Rescue it by supD tRNA

fig1. Induction to Test the Second AND Gate
From left to right, it is the uninduced, induced with arabinose only in the concentration of 10^-4 M, the singal induction with salicylate only in a concentration of 10^-4 M, the double induction by using 10^-4 M arabinose and 10^-4 M salicylate. Both the salicylate singal induction and the double induction shows fluorescence.

PhiR73 is sucessfully mutated on its first serine residue, and in another clone, we mutated it on both its first and second serine residues. SupD tRNA is coexpressed inside of the cell. It is obseved that the amber mutation can be successfully rescued by the SupD tRNA, so that GFP is expressed.

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