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Modeling collaborations

As it happened that we share with the BCCS-Bristol projet some similarities and especially on the modeling part we have decided to contact them in order to either find synergies or just to be sure not to make a redondant modeling work. Obviously it seems that we were not working on the same domain.

So in order to make a complete modelisation of the "project" we provided them unconditionally with the Mathlab source code of the production of vesicles.

Here you can find the Matlab code, with respect to the iGEM Open Source concept :
function Delay_Device_Simple

 close all
 for k = 1:6
 H = k;
 t0 = 0 ;
 tf = 10 ;
 x0 = [0 ; 0 ; 4000 ; 0];
 [t, x] = ode23(@delaydevice, [t0:0.1:tf],x0,[],H);
 plot (t,x)
 function solver(k)
 function xd = delaydevice(t, x, H)
 %Resolution of a differential system
 % Dilution of proteins
 gamma = 1;
 gammaLVA = 3;
 % pBad Activation
 Ara = 10000;
 beta1 = 4000;
 beta2 = 4000;
 K1 = 40;
 K2 = 40;
 % pLac Repression
 beta3 = 2000;
 K3 = 40;
 % pTet Repression
 beta4 = 2000;
 K4 = 40;
 xd = zeros(size(x));
 xd(1) = -gamma*x(1)+ beta1*(Ara/K1)/(1+(Ara/K1)); %Protein creation
 xd(2) = -gammaLVA*x(2)+ beta2*(Ara/K2)/(1+(Ara/K2)); % lacI creation
 xd(3) = -gamma*x(3)+ beta3*(K3/(K3+(x(2))^2)); % TetR creation
 xd(4) = -gamma*x(4)+ beta4*(K4/(K4+x(3))); % TolRII creation

Ethic collaborations

We wanted to support the debates around ethics in science, in fact we also developped several points with our specialist in epistemology.

Therefore answering the Valencia poll was the opportunity to widen our range of questions about biosciences, to share knowledge, and to prove that we feel concerned by the problem that ethics tackles.

All the team answered the poll and we are grateful to Valencia for rewarding us with a gold medal ^^

Software tool collaborations

In order to develop a fully operational tool we created a poll that we send to other igem team to ask if it could be a great help for them or not and if they have also advices and expectations concerning this software.

2 Teams answered :

We had some interactions with the Freiburg_software team, specially with Paul Staab. They have developed a synthetic biological software suite, based on Google's collaboration and communication tool Wave : SynBiowave. The actual version is 0.2 but it is a project with a great potential!

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