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Ethics : Overview

Synthetic Biology, as a dual-use technology, raises numerous questions on several levels as biosafety and biosecurity, effects on "life" conception through the artificial living, standardization processes or open-source models.

As one of the stakeholders, our team decided to analyse such questions relative to Synthetic Biology. This project was mainly achieved by Sara Aguiton, student in Social Studies of Science at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales of Paris, who participated in our team and much contributed to placing these questions as part of the daily functioning of our group.

This work revolves around 3 points:

  • Ethical Lab Book
    • An anthropological inquiry within the Paris IGEM 09 Team including collective talks about ethical and sociological concerns.

  • Report
    • A sociological report, relating how social studies of science can help scientist to figure out ethical issues of synthetic biology.

[PDF Version]

  • Materials
    • Gather several links on documents relative to Ethics and Synthetic Biology.

For the full report in PDF format, click here [link].

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