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this part will show you the use of the iPhone in a standard case, and also show you some points developed during the announce we mailed on the others teams.

iPhone use case

We already talk about the software on computer, which allows us to create protocols, and managing databases. to transfer information to Soft>iPhone we need to use a standard format: the XML format. Now we have our iPhone in the WetLab who have got our daily merged protocol :-). And now what ?? There is the list of things that should (and would) be doing by the iPhone.

  • View of the protocol, step by step. Each step is name, have a timer on it, and can be modify :
    • adding Pictures : useful to add information on results, gel, petri dishes...
    • record any video or speaking support to add information without writing it, way more fast and easy
    • data: any machine, computer with data can/could be plug in the iPhone to download it. We can do even better to import data from the iPhone for making the machine work ;-)
    • Every picture data record are name and put in the protocol and classify in each step files.
  • Even if the timer is still running the user can tell when he really end his manipulation. In a long distance utilization, it would be a useful information to make more precise protocol adapted to the user.
  • Each active timer can be seen at all time.
  • At the end of the protocol, you can resynchronized your iPhone to the software, and it will download, and update all your notebook with data. It also create a database on each step to adapt itself to your time use.

so bad

.... Unfortunately, we didn't have much time to work on this project for the end of the Wiki, and even for the Jamboree, we don't have much time to finalize even the main project, so we were forced to put this idea away for the moment, but as we ask a lot to other team we will particularly thanks the TUDelf team to his support and its motivation to answer, and propose some new functions, and to the Valencia Team also.

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