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WetLab - Main

Next to the DryLab stands the dirty hands of the Wetlab the one that works with real bacteria !

In ohter words, the Wetlab is the section that contains the genetics constructions required, the experiments and their results.

To put it in a nutshell this is the nightmare of the DryLab because nothing work as planned.

We will present you the global project constructions on this page but we have also decided to separate our project WetLab in 3 parts , because each one can be considered as independent.

Addressing : this part of the project concerns the construction required to target the "message" to the outer membrane or to the periplasm.

Production : This part deals with the destabilisation of the outer membrane in order to create vesicles, (it also contains the delay system)

Reception : this part concerns the fusion of the vesicles with the receiver, and the transduction of the message./

Have a nice ride to the fairy land of E.coli experimentation.

navigation in the sub parts.

Each part begin with the global construction,

Then a board follows in which you can have the description of each step and the number of failure ( x2 , x3, x15 ...)

Then you have the fucntional testing of the system

and finally you have additional information.

Global construction

At the end , the sender of the message possess 2 plasmid and the donnor one.


On the first plasmid we have :

  • the adressing system + the message
  • the fusion system part 1
  • the first part of the delay system

On the second one :

  • the destabilization system
  • the second part of the delay


on his only plasmid:

  • the fec proteins involve in the transduction and the promotor pFec and the amplification response system
  • a fluorescent response
  • the complementary fusion system for the vesicles, in other words the fusion system part 2