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iGEM Logbook : Team Sweden

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1ST iGEM MEETING 2009-02-05

The beginning of the Journey to iGEM 2009.

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2nd iGEM MEETING 2009-02-19

Search for Mentor,Potential Sponsors and Team members begins.

iGEM MEETING 2009-04-24

First meeting with our supervisor Sven Nelander.

iGEM MEETING 2009-03-1

Mentor cartoon.jpg

Decide on the project "Cell cycle tagging in Yeast"

iGEM MEETING 2009-05-18

Work on Individual CV, and find out the motivation for working in iGEM.
Talk to Per Sunnergagen and Markus Tamas to be supervisor.
Keep in contact with other potential supervisors.
ALL iGEM meetings postponed till the end of final exams.

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iGEM MEETING 2009-06-17

Completion of iGEM brochure. YEAH!!

Refreshing Day 2009-06-18

Delicious Chinese Food!! At Mao's Place. Thanks to Mao's Mom.

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iGEM MEETING 2009-06-19

YAeHH!!partial funding recieved from Carl Johan Franzen.
Decision to meet every week monday at mvh11.

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iGEM MEETING 2009-06-24

Meeting with professors, Markus Tamas, Anders Bloomberg and Per Sunnerhagen.

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iGEM MEETING 2009-06-25

More Sponsor SEARCH!!!! All week!!

iGEM MEETING 2009-06-26

Per Sunnerhagen decided to join the team as a mentor.

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iGEM MEETING 2009-06-26

Study!!!! Study!!!! Study!!!
Decided to get more knowledge in Synthetic biology.
Decision to incline to a more theoretical project.
Brainstorming on new project ideas.

iGEM MEETING 2009-06-30

Idea cartoon.jpg

Naser goes Out of city

iGEM MEETING 2009-07-04

Meeting with Peter Genemark, Graham Kemp, Tore Samuelsson and Pierre Aman.
Request for new project ideas and possible supervision.

iGEM MEETING 2009-07-13

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Selection of project by Elimination method.
Decided to change to a new project.
Sentence parsing cell.

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iGEM MEETING 2009-06-20

New ways brainstormed for the implementation of the mew idea.Paper reading again

iGEM MEETING 2009-07-24

Meeting with Supervisor Sven Nelander on the 11th of August

iGEM MEETING 2009-08-03

Yeah!!! we got the first output of our model.

iGEM MEETING 2009-08-19

Change the concept of model due to some limitation .

iGEM MEETING 2009-08-30

Working model for the simplest input sentence.

iGEM MEETING 2009-08-31

Start the presentation template.

iGEM MEETING 2009-09-04

We have a working model for extended sentences!!!

iGEM MEETING 2009-09-17

Sending project abstract to iGEM.

iGEM MEETING 2009-09-28

Meeting with Per Sunnerhagen regarding plasmid design.

iGEM MEETING 2009-10-08

Arrange a date for demo presentation .

iGEM MEETING 2009-10-26

Demo Presentation

iGEM MEETING 2009-10-30

Fly off to BOSTON !!!!