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Our Current Sporsors


Chalmers University of Technology

Bioengineering Program

The Master’s programme in Biotechnology focuses on the interface between chemistry, biology and medicine with engineering as a common working tool. The programme will provide students with competencies in the use of engineering principles in the analysis and manipulation of biological systems to solve problems across a spectrum of important applications. The programme thus covers a broad range of subjects, from genetics to process engineering provided by experts at the Departments of Chemical and Biological Engineering and Applied Physics at Chalmers and the Cell and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology units at Göteborg University. Programme

Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

This programme prepares you for research work in applied and/or theoretical bioinformatics and systems biology in academic world or in industry. Recruitment from a broad spectrum of relevant disciplines results in a highly stimulating and fruitful study environment, facilitating important general skills such as mutual understanding and cross-disciplinary communication. The aim is to educate quantitative bioscientists with individual and original profiles ready for multidisciplinary, group-based research. The programme is run in symbiotic collaboration with the international Master's programme in systems biology at Göteborg University.

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Gothenburg University

Our Supervisors are from Clinical and Molecular Biology department and the Molecular Biology Department. We are registered in the University and we receive 15 credits for the project.


Our motivation and inspiration sponsors

We will like to give our heartful thanks to our professors,our friends and our classmates who sponsored us with constant motivation and inspiration.