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Modeling Parameters

Transcriptional Cascade

Parameter Values Description Ref
cpLac 5e-10 maximum transcription rate (M/min) [1]
cpTet 1.5e-7 maximum transcription rate (M/min) [2]
c 1.5e-7 maximum transcription rate (M/min) estimate
K50IPTG 1.3e-6 dissociation constant (M) [3]
K50LacI 800e-9 dissociation constant (M) [3]
K50TetR 179e-12 dissociation constant (M) [3]
K50CI 8e-12 dissociation constant (M) [3]
nIPTG 2 Hills coefficient [3]
nLacI 2 Hills coefficient [3]
nTetR 3 Hills coefficient [3]
nCI 2 Hills coefficient [3]
dLacI 0.1386 degradation rate (M/min) [3]
dTetR 0.1386 degradation rate (M/min) [3]
dCI 0.042 degradation rate (M/min) [3]
dRFP 6.3e-3 degradation rate (M/min) [3]
dGFP 6.3e-3 degradation rate (M/min) [3]
dmRNA 0.029 degradation rate (M/min) [4]
α 16 - 57 translation rate (translations/min/mRNA), depends on growth rate (a default value of 30 is used) [5]
kIPTG 0.92 rate constant for IPTG diffusion into cell [6]


Parameter Values Description Ref
A 1735 Surface area available (mm2) Area of 0.2μm filter used in conjugation tests.
r0 0.8 initial colony radius (μm) [7]
gn 0.99 specific growth rate (1/hr) Determined experimentally for R751 containing cells.
gr 30 colony radial specific growth rate (μm/hr) [8]
Nd 10000 initial number of donors Estimate
Nr 10000 initial number of donors Estimate
λ 5.76 intensity (CFU/mm2) Calculated using Nr/A.